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Fire Safety

Learn about our Fire Safety services

Fire Safety Services: Ensuring Safety, Comfort, and Compliance

QVAC is committed to enhancing the safety and comfort of every building through comprehensive fire safety services. Our expertise aligns with our core principle that safety is a fundamental aspect of creating comfortable indoor climates. We offer:

Fire Damper Inspections

Fire damper inspections are critical for maintaining the integrity of a building’s fire safety system. QVAC’s process involves a thorough examination of dampers to ensure they operate correctly, closing fully in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Trust QVAC to ensure your fire dampers meet all regulatory standards. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

Fire Door Inspections

Ensuring the proper functionality of fire doors is essential for safety. QVAC’s detailed inspections assess the condition and compliance of fire doors, identifying any issues that may compromise their effectiveness. Ensure the safety of your premises with QVAC’s expert inspections. Reach out now for a comprehensive fire door safety check.

Compartmentation Surveys

Compartmentation plays a vital role in containing fires and protecting buildings. QVAC conducts in-depth surveys to verify the effectiveness of your building’s compartmentation strategies, offering peace of mind that your fire containment measures are up to code. For expert compartmentation assessment, contact QVAC today.

Fire Risk Assessments

QVAC’s fire risk assessments identify potential fire hazards within your building, providing actionable recommendations to enhance safety. Our assessments are designed to ensure you understand and mitigate risks effectively. Secure your building’s safety with a QVAC fire risk assessment. Contact us to get started.

Each service is designed to reinforce safety as a cornerstone of comfort, adhering to QVAC’s commitment to “Creating Comfortable Climates” while ensuring compliance with the latest fire safety legislation.

Remedial Works: We specialize in the repair and maintenance of fire doors, fire dampers, and fire stopping solutions, addressing any issues to restore and enhance the safety of your premises. Remedial works are all meticulously carried out by our skilled, in-house engineers, ensuring that any issues identified during fire safety inspections are promptly and effectively addressed.

Trust in QVAC’s expertise to enhance the safety and compliance of your premises. Contact us for a consultation on how we can address your fire safety needs with precision and care.

Adherence to UK Legislation

Understanding and complying with UK fire safety legislation, including the new Fire Safety Act, is crucial. It’s the responsibility of building managers to ensure their buildings meet these standards. Our services are designed not only to identify compliance gaps but also to offer solutions that align with legal requirements, safeguarding occupants, and property alike.

QVAC’s fire safety services go beyond mere compliance. We aim to create peace of mind, knowing that your building is protected against fire risks while enhancing the overall safety and comfort of your environment.